Invasive Birds on the Marina

July 2022

Dear Homeowners

Many homeowners, and especially those who reside on the Marina permanently, will know that there is a steady escalation in the quantity of invasive bird species that are settling on the Marina. In particular Egyptian geese, egrets, hadeda ibis and sacred ibis.

At the outset may I stress that this concern does not emanate from a sector, nor individuals, that are anti avian species. On a personal note, I am a keen member of the local Bird Club, and delight in spotting the diverse range of birds in our special environment.

However, the sheer quantity of these birds is becoming problematic in that, one way or the other, private property is getting severely soiled and damaged; and in some instances, the problem is not just aesthetic or one of general inconvenience, as much needed stored water is becoming heavily contaminated from bird droppings deposited on roof tops. This contamination will inevitably lead to severe health issues for humans.

The primary purpose of this correspondence is two-fold; to alert all homeowners of the issues, and to launch an inclusive and proactive strategy whereby the prevailing issues may be strategically tackled in a lawful, humane and sustainable manner. There is no quick-fix solution, but we can collectively identify several short-term measures as well as devising long-term solutions.

In coming weeks invitations will be sent to any interested parties to share relevant information, contacts and possibly a willingness to assist with this strategy.

Yours sincerely
Mike Hosty
General Manager: RAMHOA