The Royal Alfred Marina Home Owner Association (RAMHOA) looks after the interests of all our residents. Our full-time estate manager and his staff see to every aspect of maintenance, security and residents' requirements. Should you need assistance, please contact the office.
Estate Management
Mike Hosty   General Manager
Excom Members
Stuart Boucher   Chairman
Dave Koller   Vice Chairman, Security, Archcom
Isobel Meyer    
Shona Mason   Gardens
Rob Dowding   Dredging
Colin Murphy   Marketing
Marina Staff
Mike Hosty   General Manager
Vanessa Ehrke   Assistant Manager
Nonkie Nkohla   Receptionist
Phumla Mlonyeni   Cleaner
Gravin Oosthuizen   Supervisor
John Ntlokwana   General Worker
Sipo Matsalu   General Worker
Zimisile Mkrakra   General Worker
Archcom Members
Dave Koller   Chairman
Mike Hosty    
Peter Allison    
Charles Mason    
Derek Jacobs   Architect
Chris Hattingh   Architect
Gardens Committee
Shona Mason    
Mike Hosty    
Sue Fetherstonhaugh    
Dredging Committee
Rob Dowding    
Charles Mason    
Mike Hosty    
Service Providers
Starlight Security   - Ockert Davis (technology)
    - Bertus Bouwer (guarding)
Executive Garden Services   Sue Fetherstonhaugh
Cambev (dredging)   Charles Mason
Camrock (canal walls)   Charles Mason